Best Food Facts: The Panic of the Enchiladas

The Center for Food Integrity

The Challenge

Kelly wants to fix a healthy dinner for her family and decides to make enchiladas.

She starts to brown the meat but gets an uneasy feeling. Recent news had an item about a study on ground beef. Did it say ground beef was unhealthy? Kelly gets half an onion from the refrigerator. A shiver passes over her. A friend posted something on Facebook that said leftover onions are toxic. In a panic, she reaches for the salad. But does she need to wash bagged lettuce? She puts her hands to her face and lets out a scream.

Client Profile

The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) is an advocate for a transparent sustainable food system. CFI conducts comprehensive consumer research and facilitates engagement between consumers and the food system on important food topics. CFI needed to be able to connect with consumers like Kelly and provide unbiased information.

Our Approach

Food is a very important issue for people. Moms, in particular, want to be sure the food they serve their kids is safe and healthy. A tidal wave of information makes it confusing to know what is best. Kelly needs an impartial source where she can get her questions answered.

CFI first worked with us in 2012 to establish an information portal to connect consumers with food experts. Best Food Facts was born. As the influence of social media increased, the target audience expanded and we transformed the site.

Starting with CFI research, we identified the audiences we most wanted to reach–moms, millennials and foodies, including registered dieticians. We built a network of more than 200 experts in diverse fields to address consumer questions. Then, we began consistently developing content to address questions and topical food issues. Fresh content is continually added to the site, building a cache of data-backed information that consistently leads internet searches to We also made the site easier to navigate and added interactive elements, such as the Food Fight poll and videos in which moms interview dieticians and food scientists.

As our research further identifies what Kelly and other consumers want to know about their food, we continue to develop Best Food Facts to establish its brand identity and are currently conducting marketing research to evaluate potential new brands to exponentially increase consumer reach.

The Results

With reallocation of CFI’s existing media budget, the creation of Best Food Facts delivered measurable results.

Average website visits exceed 90,000 per month–64 percent ahead of the previous year and trending skyward. The social media following grew by more than 50 percent in 2015.

As for Kelly, she looked up Best Foods Facts on her phone, found answers to her questions and served enchiladas for dinner, with peace of mind about making the best food choices for her family.