Introducing Look East

It’s the dawning of a new day.

Today we introduce our new brand, which presents a fresh identity to our established reputation for growing trust in food and agriculture. Look East is a fresh start, a new approach and the dawn of a new day. And that is what we bring to food and agriculture—new ways to build trust in products, processes, people and brands.

For us, this is a process that began 12 years ago when this company was founded. I realized that there was a need for new approaches and innovative strategy to build trust in food and agriculture. So we conducted research, developed innovative models and committed to world-class execution. Our approach has delivered results for our clients and we have consistently grown in size and scope.

Look East is a full-service public relations agency dedicated to a single purpose—to grow trust in food and agriculture. It is a noble calling that affects every person on the planet every day. Our team is made up of passionate individuals with diverse communication expertise. We have offices in Kansas City and Des Moines and colleagues working out of their homes across the country. We have farm kids and policy experts, food industry veterans and digital engagement specialists, and we bring a vast network of connections in all sectors of the food system.

We invested considerable effort in defining our new brand. We know where we’ve been, we have strong values, a clear vision and focused direction. We just needed to find the perfect name, and we found it in Look East.

Look East reflects our fresh approach to old problems; the break of day when we can shed light on a situation and really understand what needs to be done. It also offers encouragement to look forward because every day the sun rises in the East. Our team is as reliable as the rising sun, and we bring new ideas and fresh opportunities to build trust in food and agriculture.

To our clients we want to say thank you for partnering with us. You will continue to receive the service and commitment you’ve come to expect. As we grow, even more depth of expertise will be available to help you build trust in your products, processes, people and brands.

The coffee is brewing, the rooster is crowing and the sun is rising on a bright day for food and agriculture. Whether you need to grow trust, a story that engages and inspires, connections across the food system or a partner in a time of crisis, Look East. We’re ready to help.

Charlie Arnot
Founder & CEO