Look East Screams for Ice Cream

Ice Cream Truck 2July is National Ice Cream Month and the employee owners of Look East love to celebrate with their favorite frozen treat. (who doesn’t?) National Ice Cream Month is a sacred holiday, dating back to President Ronald Reagan issuing a proclamation in 1984 calling on the country to observe these events with appropriate ceremonies and activities. National Ice Cream Month is just as important today, and at Look East, we like to do our part.

Earlier this summer, an ice cream truck visited the Look East Kansas City office, and team members enjoyed the treat of their choice. Following up on that visit, we asked our team members to share their favorite flavor of ice cream and any memories they have of cooling down on a hot summer day with a frozen snack.

Kim Strickland:

When I was little (about 7 or 8) whenever I went to my grandparents’ house, I would get a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream and pour orange juice in it.  The first time my grandpa saw this he asked “What are you doing? Are you going to eat that!?” To this day that is a special memory of mine, making my own recipe of orange chocolate chip ice cream at their house.

Mark Crouser:

Kids eating ice cream

A ribbon of chocolate; strawberries frozen solid; pulverized candy bars; the wholly not-found-in-nature green created for a batch of mint chip. In the heat of summer, there’s nothing that cools like a bowl of homemade ice cream. Your favorite ingredients combine with ice, rock salt and time to spin, churn and freeze their way to deliciousness. Every detail of the process captivates our young kids, if only because they know the end result will taste like summer.

Donna Moenning:

I am plain vanilla.

Schwan’s was a primary source of ice cream growing up on our family farm in Western Minnesota. As kids, we always looked forward to seeing the Schwan’s truck come to our farm. We typically purchased the large tin container of vanilla ice cream –because everything went with vanilla – from my mom’s rhubarb sauce to the chocolate syrup I made on the stove. I also spent a couple of summers as teenager working in the Schwan’s warehouse helping to track and load semi-trailers of Schwan’s ice cream and other frozen foods. We worked in below 40 degree conditions and wore snow suits and boots. A bonus of the job was access to all the ice cream we wanted to eat.  It was a “cool” job – pun intended!

Terri Moore:

My favorite ice cream memory goes back to childhood in a place called Farrell’s ice cream parlor in Minnesota. It was a birthday favorite – reserved only for birthdays. Ice cream sundaes in giant dishes almost as tall as we were, with scoops of ice cream piled so high and decorated with so many different candies and toppings that, as a kid, I thought it was the nearest I would ever come to heaven on earth.

Jenny Watz:

One of my very favorite flavors is Moose Tracks.If I’m getting a DQ Blizzard, I like a combination of cappuccino and Heath bar! Shakes can be either chocolate or strawberry, depending on my mood.

Jana McGuire:

My favorite is mint chip! When we were growing up we’d make floats out of any combination of ice cream and pop – even if that meant Neapolitan and orange soda!

Charlie Arnot:

Pistachio is my favorite flavor.

Jon McDonald:

This is going to sound really vanilla… but my favorite go-to ice cream flavor when at home is vanilla. Boring? I know! But, if I’m motivated to go out for a treat, Dairy Queen Blizzards are where my allegiances lie. Nothing else compares… unless it’s a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Least favorite flavor has to be sherbet.

Allyson Perry:

My favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough.

Jamie Brond:

I really like most kinds of ice cream, but my absolute favorite is peppermint ice cream from Braum’s.

Alicia Blair:

Coffee flavored ice cream is my favorite. I know it’s kind of weird, but I like to get caffeine into my body in any way I can.