Insights into influencer engagement

We caught up with our digital account manager, Jennie Nguyen, to get a glimpse into her influencer insights and the value influencer engagement it brings to an organization.

Engaging with influencers starts with identifying your tribe of influencers then following best practices. “Planning and executing an influencer tour is one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” said Nguyen. “I love the challenge of putting together the people, venues and activities to help tell the client’s story. The whole process is similar to putting together a puzzle.”

Why do you think that influencer tours are important?

Nguyen: “Influencer tours are valuable because influencers come with an audience that already trusts them. They are also very knowledgeable on what content is going to resonate well with their audience. They’ve built a relationship with their audience and through building relationships with influencers, we are able to help our customers connect with consumers.”

“One of my favorite things about influencer tours is that everyone will interpret what you are doing in a different way. When you’re standing in the middle of a corn field, listening to the farmer explain what they do and why they do it, it can be an eye-opening experience for the influencers. Because of this, their content will be different.”

What is your favorite thing about planning and leading influencer tours?

Nguyen: “One of my favorite things about the influencer tours is the fact that I get to continually engage with the influencers even after the tour concludes. They are so lively, energetic and fun to engage with. By continuing the relationship online, I have been able to maintain those friendships that formed in person. These influencers have become people I look forward to meeting up and catching up with.”

Besides the personal aspect of influencer tours, are there any moments that you look forward to on every tour?

Nguyen: “There’s always a moment or two during influencer tours where you see that look on a influencer’s face telling you something has clicked, like a light bulb has gone off. Of course, with any influencer engagement project there’s a specific message you want to get out, but you don’t go out and read a perfectly drafted statement. You build out your message through the experiences you put together for the influencers and let them decide for themselves. Eventually the message gets through to them in a way that they will understand it best.”

“From standing in the middle of a corn field, to exploring sow barns, to touring a canning facility, to hosting Twitter Parties online, every interaction and opportunity I have with influencers is one that I look forward to. I love hearing their stories, and having them connect to something new that they might not have connected with before. These are the moments that I look forward to.”

Influencer engagements are meaningful way for companies to effectively connect with consumers. Through values that are shared, which we know from experience, are three to five times more important when building brand trust. These events and online interactions allow for the brand to connect to their target audience via a trusted messenger.

“Working with influencers is one of my favorite ways to serve our clients,” said Nguyen. “After four years of leading and planning tours, I couldn’t be more excited to lead more in the future.”

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