The Impossible taste test

Alternative meats are no longer a thing of the future. They are now. Burger King’s Impossible Whopper has been getting a lot of attention. As experts in food and ag, we decided to see what the excitement was about – the impossible taste test.

Burger King describes the Impossible Whopper as a “savory flame-grilled patty made from plants. 100% WHOPPER®, 0% Beef.” 

Our media insights describe it as a genetically modified soy-burger.  Impossible Foods produces its unique soy leghemoglobin ingredient (what makes the burger look like juicy meat) by genetically modifying yeast and using fermentation. The ingredient carries heme, an iron-rich molecule found in meat. 

The overall Look East verdict? Eighty percent said it tasted “okay” and a majority said they will likely try other meatless options in the future. Many didn’t notice much of a different taste or texture than a traditional Whopper.  

“I thought that was a very unique product that I would not mind trying again in the future. 
It didn’t have much different of a flavor than a normal Whopper from Burger King, but it has 
opened the door for me to try additional meatless options.” 

“For me, there isn’t enough of a personal benefit (in the reduction of calories and fat) to make 
it worth the trade off. If I am craving a “really good burger” I’d rather have the real thing 
for the calories than a plant-based substitute.” 

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