Look East grows a new partnership with Ostara

Look East proudly welcomes Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. to the client family. 

Ostara is a Vancouver-based company that is reimagining resources to help communities and industries around the world have access to clean water and grow more food. Ostara has commercialized technology that recovers nutrients from water and transforms them into an environmentally friendly value-added fertilizer.   

“Ostara is truly at the center of an industry shift where end-users are, more than ever, demanding circular crop nutrition solutions that not only provide excellent agronomics, but are also environmentally responsible,” said Dan Parmar, President and CEO of Ostara.   

Crystal Green® is Ostara’s flagship product; the first continuous-release phosphorus fertilizer to release nutrients in response to plant demand. These Root-Activated™ granules are proven to increase yields, enhance soil health and significantly reduce phosphorus tie-up and runoff, thereby protecting local waterways from nutrient pollution while improving food security.   

“We’re genuinely excited to partner with the Ostara team,” said Roxi Beck, VP of Client Services. “The agtech space is evolving quickly to close gaps in agriculture, so it’s a pleasure to team up with a talented group of professionals focused on sustainable environmental solutions that are also enabling farmers to grow more food.”