True confessions of Look East remote workers

While this “work from home” gig is old hat for a few Look East employees, the rest of the Kansas City team – like millions of workers in the U.S. and around the world – are adjusting to the new world of remote employment.

Between barking dogs, crying babies and other unexpected distractions, it can be an adjustment. A survey of the Look East veteran remote team reveals the good, the bad and the funny – insights they hope help those who are new to a short commute get comfy for what could be a long haul.

“The perks? Spending extra time with significant others, kids and pets. The downside? Spending extra time with significant others, kids and pets. Interruptions from family and furry friends can drive you a little crazy.”  

 “I love the quiet time to immerse myself in a project uninterrupted. I don’t like that my mom thinks ‘work from home’ means I’m not really working.”

“Clarify if your meeting is audio-only or a video call. Once I realized last minute I was about to join a client video call and I was still in my bathrobe. I threw on a nice sweater at lightning speed! Thank goodness my hair was dry.”  

“It’s tough to have a brainstorm with one brain.” 

“Pay attention to your background on video calls. I have lots of bookshelves and have to make sure others can’t read the titles of my sci-fi and trashy romance novels.”  

“There are days when I hop out of bed, brush my teeth and crawl back under the covers with my laptop in hand. Before you know it, it’s 4:30 p.m. and I’m still in my jammies. But, I’m ready for bed. That’s called efficiency.”

“Set some rules with the kids. When Mom’s office door is closed, interrupt only when it’s an emergency (qualifiers include blood, puke or fire).”  

While everyone’s experiences are unique there is team consensus on what makes working from home – work.

  • Designate an area for your office – preferably with a door.
  • Set a specific time to end your work day and stick to it.
  • Schedule a few short breaks to step away and refresh

And most of all, stay connected to your co-workers through group video chats and one-on-one calls. While work can be fulfilling, it’s the relationships that make our professional lives special.