Introducing: Jamie Rzewnicki

Jamie Rzewnicki is a “boomerang.” She first connected with Look East as an intern while she was a student at Kansas State, then joined us full time after graduation. After a stint at another agency, she returned to Look East in January as Senior Manager, Digital.

Jamie is based in our Kansas City office where she uses her creativity and energy to help clients build trust through digital platforms. We asked Jamie a few questions so we could get to know her better.

What was the compelling factor that brought you back Look East?

The people, hands down! Whether it be my awesome coworkers or the incredible clients that I get to work on, I get to work with the best in the business. They are incredibly intelligent, driven and passionate. I learn something new every single day!

You help clients with digital services, which sounds interesting, but we’re not sure what it means. Enlighten us.

Digital services involve anything online – social media, websites, blogs. When it comes to social media and digital platforms, it is incredibly important to have a strategy so you know who your target audience is and where to reach them. Digital is ingrained in so much of our lives and that’s true for our audience as well.

The great thing about digital platforms is you can share information instantaneously and you’re able to reach large groups in a short amount of time. Establishing a successful online platform is not as difficult as many people expect, but it is important to maintain an active presence to make sure your audience is getting the most up-to-date info about your organization.

Do you have a favorite social media channel?

I think TikTok is cool! I’m not a content creator, I’m just a long-time lurker. I believe there are a lot of opportunities in that space.

We’ll be looking forward to your first video. In the meantime, tell us about your connection to agriculture.

While I grew up in southwest Kansas and was surrounded by all things agriculture, I would call myself first-generation removed from the farm. Both sides of my family had agriculture operations of some kind and my parents grew up working on these operations. Growing up, however, I looked forward to visiting my grandpa’s feed mill in rural Kansas. I have some of the best memories from there!

I have also been working in agricultural communications for the last five years. In fact, I was a member of the food and agriculture team at the other agency I was at between my stints at Look East. I have had the opportunity to work with diverse clients that have spanned a myriad of sectors.

What is a previous project or work experience that challenged you?

Excellent question. We all know that the pandemic impacted a lot of the way that we supported our clients. During my time at my last agency, I worked on employee communications for a processing facility. It was vital for this company to extend accurate, timely information related to COVID-19 policies and safety measures to their workforce – and this is a workforce that does not use email as their primary form of communication. While there were a lot of challenges in ensuring that employees had the most up-to-date knowledge, it was rewarding to be able to help out during this challenging time.

You’ve dived into several projects already. What are you most excited about working on?

I have been able to jump into a lot of cool projects since I’ve been at Look East. I am really excited about a couple of influencer engagements that we have coming up – they are really going to allow us to garner some insightful learnings to help those in the food industry communicate better with Generation Z. Additionally, I’m so excited to be supporting social and digital content development, planning and execution for several clients.

So what’s your secret to all your energy? Is it the music you listen to or snacks you eat while you’re working?

I like to listen to a variety of things when I work! I like to listen to true crime podcasts, audiobooks and just about any genre of music. Sometimes, when I really need to focus, I have been known to turn on a vacuum cleaner noise for white noise. Strange? Maybe. Does it work? You’ll have to try and decide for yourself!

Favorite snack while working? Fruit snacks, popcorn, pickles or Goldfish crackers. (But not together.)

Bring us up to date on what has happened in your life the last few years.

WHEW! It has been a busy, exciting few years. You may have previously known me as Jamie Brond, but I added a few vowels and a lot more consonants to my last name. Since I was last at Look East, I got married and purchased a home with my husband, Jake. I have likely watched most of the Netflix catalog (I’m blaming COVID) and have set ambitious reading goals for myself.

If you were on a deserted island and could only listen to five songs, what would you choose?

  • “Jackie and Wilson” by Hozier
  • “That Thing You Do!” By The Wonders
  • “The Very First Night” (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift
  • “Electric Love” by BØRNS
  • “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

Welcome back, Jamie! If you would like to enlist Jamie’s energy and expertise for your digital strategy to build trust, drop us a note.