A Cracking Fresh Website

CLIENT: United Egg Producers

The Challenge

A carton of eggs got overlooked when the groceries were put away. The consumer needs to find out at once if they are still safe to eat.

The Results

Our Approach

Delicious, nutritious and affordable, eggs are a staple of the American diet. It’s natural that people have lots of questions about them, like how long they are safe out of the refrigerator. UEP fields questions about how to select, store and cook eggs through its Egg Safety Center. The original was created several years ago, and it was due for a design makeover, as well as important upgrades to handle increased traffic and mobile devices.

We started from the ground up with a complete website revamp. Our first priority was to create an attractive, user-friendly resource for safe purchase, handling and preparation of eggs. The fresh design is visually engaging for users, with infographics, photos and digestible, easy-to-read copy.

A primary feature of the site is Egg Answers, a searchable resource for frequently asked questions so consumers can quickly find trustworthy answers. Because we respond to calls and emails to the Egg Safety Center as part of our full-service communications support for UEP, we were able to address the most frequent consumer concerns and inquiries.

The Results

Launched in November 2015, the new is much more than just a pretty page. The upgrade also increased the ease of content updates, beefed up security and increased search engine results. To keep the content fresh, the blog is updated weekly, and the Egg Safety Center’s Facebook and Twitter posts drive users to the site.

When the consumer checked the advice on, she discovered that since the eggs had been left out less than two hours, she could safely place them in the refrigerator to be enjoyed for breakfast in the morning.