Actionable Intelligence

CLIENT: The Center for Food Integrity (CFI)

The Challenge

CFI’s mission is to build consumer trust in today’s food system. To assist them in leading the charge to initiate a new conversation about food, CFI asked Look East to help its members better detect potential issues in the early stages before they go viral on social media.

The Results

Our Approach

Look East developed an approach to monitor news and social media and translate it into actionable intelligence. The result was CFI SITE/Signals, a weekly report containing an analysis of the most significant or trending food system issues, the key influencers amplifying the issues, and actionable recommendations for how CFI members could better engage consumers. SITE/Signals also analyzed conversational patterns of previous food system issues to help inform engagement strategies and to forecast how an issue may evolve based on past communications patterns.

The Results

SITE Signals reached more than 3,000 leaders across the food system each week. Each report contained a detailed analysis of top trending issues, along with recommendations for how food system companies could proactively engage and help create a new conversation about food. Actionable intelligence from SITE/Signals also informed CFI’s engagement strategy on emerging issues and helped guide its social media strategies and overall content development across a number of consumer-facing platforms.

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