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Charlie Arnot


Charlie started this whole thing back in 2004. A member of NAMA and PRSA, Charlie is recognized as an industry leader on food and agriculture issues and is a thought-provoking writer and speaker. His incredible leadership skills and knack for forming genuine connections mean he’s met practically everyone there is to know in food and agriculture. Chances are, you’re already connected.

Winner of an Associated Press award for Best Radio News Reporting, Charlie began his career in journalism and worked in film and video production prior to working in public relations and corporate communications. Today, he provides innovative strategic insight and helps leading companies and associations find new solutions to persistent challenges regarding issues management, communications and public affairs.

Growing up in rural Nebraska, his family always had horses, cattle, chickens and a couple of pigs every now and then. His first paying job (besides putting up hay) was working in a restaurant, and he loves to cook. Try his pulled pork sometime—it’s the best.