About Us

Jamie Rzewnicki

Senior Manager, Digital

Jamie works with clients to create social media and digital strategies that collaborate with marketing, public relations and advertising campaigns. To do so, she researches top influencers, competitors and trends in the food and agriculture industries. She loves engaging with communities and consumers no matter the medium, and it suits her perfectly in her role as senior digital manager.

Born and raised in Liberal, Kansas, she moved to Kansas City after graduating from Kansas State University with a BA in journalism and mass communications, as well as a minor in hospitality management.

Jamie is what we lovingly refer to as a “boomerang” – Jamie spent the first two years of her career at Look East, spent two years at a global PR agency in Kansas City, and is now back on the Look East team.

When she’s not working, you can find her visiting local breweries and eats, spending time with her friends and family, traveling to new places, binging Netflix shows or curling up with a good book.