Jennie Nguyen

Social Media Expert | Influencer Marketing Guru

Jennie Nguyen is our resident guru on social media management and influencer engagement. She has been the social media and influencer expert speaker at corporate, association and non-profit events for social media management and digital outreach efforts. As Look East’s Digital Account Manager, Jennie focuses on strategy tactics and engagement opportunities for our clients and manages the day-to-day social needs of our clients.

Nguyen has nearly 10 years of experience working in digital communications, focusing on social media and influencer marketing. She is a qualified social media and influencer speaker because she is the account leader on all of the related initiatives in the organization. As someone who did not grow up in agriculture, Nguyen enjoys trainings with those who work in the industry – whether it’s farmers or people who work for farmers. While she may work in agriculture and food communications, she represents their target audience: a typical consumer and a millennial, to boot! So making that values-based connection with the communicators in the room is helpful in getting the training messages across.

In addition to being a social media and influencer expert, Nguyen received her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in international business and marketing from Rockhurst University. She has been involved on the board of KCIABC and volunteers with Literacy KC.


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I had an amazing time and loved the entire event. I have been to quite a few events in my 9 years of blogging and this is on the top!
Influencer at Refreshingly Real's Farm-to-Can Tour
I loved Jennie's presentation about food and the digital landscape. I would love to learn more about the strategy and making shared-values work.
North American Leaders Event Attendee
Refreshingly Real went above and beyond during the entire Farm to Can tour. Any need we could have was already met and everyone was a pleasure to work with, especially Jennie and Morgan.
Influencer at Refreshingly Real's Farm-to-Can Tour

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