Roxi Beck

Consumer expert | Transparency aficionado

Roxi Beck is an active food and ag speaker, trainer, facilitator and a trusted advisor to food system thought leaders. As president at Look East, she focuses on consumers nearly 100% of the time. That means digging into research on consumer perspectives, building programs that put research findings into action to connect with consumers, and ultimately working directly with consumers by giving them unique, interactive, hands-on experiences to engage fully and transparently with those in the food industry.

Beck brings more than 15 years of experience working with clients across the food system, directing strategy and activities for consumer-facing food and agriculture initiatives and. Whether working with registered dietitians, toxicologists, corporate executives, communication directors, restaurateurs, farmers, non-profit leaders, even consumers, Beck connects the dots on the varied pressure points that shape today’s food system, and helps organizations helps audiences think differently about earning trust and incorporate transparency principles and trust-growing approaches into their culture.

Beck received bachelor’s degrees in psychology and public relations from Coe College. She currently serves on the board for Iowa State University’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, is a graduate of the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute and is past-president of the National Agri-Marketing Association’s Iowa Chapter.


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  • Trust-building communications
  • Science Denial
  • Transparency Training
  • Organizational Communications Training
  • Earning Consumer Trust
  • Importance of Transparency in Food and Ag
  • Media Training

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“She can use different communication styles, as needed; to meet diverse client relationships. She is goal focused, detail-oriented, analytical, process focused, super at meeting client expectations and just a generally positive natured, fun person to work with.”
Roxi was named one of 15 “Kick-Ass Women in Food” by Food Processing magazine, as an initiative to celebrate women in the food and beverage industry and recognize their contributions.

Past Talks

National Lt. Governors Association

Kemin Intestinal Health Symposium

Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)


American Restaurant Association

World Meat Congress

American Trade Spice Association

American Farm Bureau Convention 2020

Iowa Soybean Association - Media Training