A TASTE of Soy

CLIENT: Best Foods Facts

The Challenge

Soy is a plant-based source of protein that is in many favorite dishes. Despite the popularity of soy in food, textiles and many other areas of our daily lives, consumers still have questions about soy, ranging from health to sustainability. Where does soy come from and how is it processed? Does soy contain estrogen? Has soy been linked to breast cancer? These are just a few of the many questions that needed to be answered by the experts and communicated effectively back to consumers.

The Results
TASTE Tour Influencers

Our Approach

Look East designed a Best Food Facts TASTE Tour that was sponsored by and United Soybean Board. The tour created opportunities for influencers to take a closer look at soy’s journey from the farm to their kitchens and answer questions often asked by their followers.

Best Food Facts invited nine influencers to Ocean City, Maryland to learn more about soybeans and soy foods – from tofu and edamame to vegetable oil.

Look East led the influencer selection process and planned the accommodations and schedule of the Best Food Facts TASTE Tour to include farms, a soy processing facility and opportunities to engage with experts.

The tour gave influencers an opportunity beyond the dinner table. They were able to taste, hold, interact and eat soybeans, learn about the growing and harvesting process and see where the soybeans arrive at the processing facility to be processed, refined and turned into oil. Look East worked with local chefs to ensure each gourmet meal featured soybean products, bringing the full experience to life.

The Results

With the help of farmers, food processing experts and a registered dietitian, bloggers went home with a refreshed outlook on soy and soy foods and an inspired approach on how to incorporate more soy into their daily lives.

The nine influencers captured every move of the tour through social media, including 17 tweets, 17 Facebook posts and 15 Instagram posts. The influencers participating in the tour also created 15 blog posts about their experience. These posts had a total of 17,321,583 impressions, 600,095 video views and 19,096 social media engagements.

Best Food Facts shared a total of 73 social posts and blogs about soy information, which led to a total reach of 24,239,188 and 641,114 engagements for the campaign efforts.

With the help of experts — including Julie Garden-Robinson from the BFF expert network — bloggers went home with not only a refreshed outlook on soy and soy foods but also an inspired approach on how to incorporate more soy into their daily lives.

The TASTE Tour recap video received an AVA Digital Gold Award in the category of web-based production, short form web video <3 minutes for an event. For the full tour recap, visit Best Food Facts.