Our Approach

Growing Trust

In today’s food system, the success of your business depends on whether or not consumers and other stakeholders trust you. That’s why we focus on helping your business or organization grow trust, so you can keep your social license and maintain your freedom to operate.

How do we go about growing trust?

Our peer-reviewed and published trust model shows that trust is based on three essential elements—influential others, competence and confidence. Influential others include family, friends and credentialed experts. Competence is the science and information that validates what you do. Confidence involves showing your customers and stakeholders that you share their values, and it’s the most important factor of all. In fact, our research shows that shared values are 3 to 5 times more important in growing consumer trust than just providing information.

Trust Model

Shared values are what connect us. They help us realize that we often care about the same things, even when we view issues differently.

We’re here to find, communicate and connect based on shared values—the foundation for building trust. As a full-service public relations agency, we’ll walk with you each step of the process, from developing insights to implementing a strategy.

Our multi-disciplined approach means we can work in any sector of food and agriculture. Our extensive network across the food system enables us to understand the broader perspective from farm to processor to consumer.