About Us

This is more than our industry.
It's our passion.

As a group of farmers and city kids, policy experts and industry pros, we have personal ties to the food and agriculture industry. We’re not just consultants – we’ve worked in, lived and breathed this industry for decades. Our team cares about our clients, the food system and each other. Closing the trust gap is not just a job to us. Like you, we give our best to deliver results, day in and day out. We feed on challenges and encourage innovative thinking. Our passion is to strategically engage with and improve the conversation about how food is raised, grown, processed, sold, prepared and eaten. We are proud to help tell the food system’s story.

Why We Exist

To empower those in food and agriculture to build trust in their people,
products, processes and brands.

Our Values

Compassionate & Heartfelt

We put people first.

Relationships matter.

Confident & Optimistic

We inspire confidence through seasoned, self assured expertise.

We have an optimistic outlook and find opportunity around every corner.

Curious & Insightful

We are infinitely curious and hungry to learn.

We see patterns and connect dots others miss.

We value and seek out diverse perspectives and challenge conventional wisdom.

Work Ethic & Initiative

We’re 100% all-in, with determination and a smile, until the job is done.

We’re meticulously dedicated to quality.

We’re constantly looking for what’s next.

Reliable & Accountable

We do what we say we’ll do: on time, well prepared, fully engaged.

We’re genuine and candid.

Our People