Strategy is nothing without execution, and impactful execution comes from knowing your target audience better than your competition.

Understanding the demographics of your target audience is standard for most consumer research. Magnify provides unprecedented access to consumer attitudes, values, motivations and fears by integrating the power of Big Data with groundbreaking social science. Magnify provides unique insight into every facet of the consumer experience that shapes belief, based on not just what people say or buy, but why.

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Magnify provides in-depth digital cultural insights on your company, brand, issues and competitors. It dives into the demographics, attitudes, values, motivations and fears of consumers and provides the directional insight you need to drive your strategy effectively. This Intelligent Engine (IE) uses Natural Language Processing and proprietary social science research to identify the hidden meanings communicated in our culture for 95% of the topics that consumers discuss online, analyzing the billions of consumer conversations on social media about products, brands and issues.

Magnify can fundamentally transform how companies brand and communicate by translating what your target audience is communicating about in real time and their motivations. Magnify gives organizations real-time consumer research without becoming instantly outdated.

With Magnify, organizations can:

  • Segment audiences and develop more impactful and targeted messages that will resonate at a deeper and more meaningful level for each segment.
  • Create a progressive persona of potential customers – one that evolves with a consumer’s attitudes, values, motivations and fears over time.
  • Understand your target audience demographics, including class, age, income, education, gender, ethnicity and family structure.
  • Gain insight into the current size, maturity and core makeup of the market that cares about a specific trend or topic and its predicted future growth. Leverage these insights to develop a smart and personalized outreach and engagement strategy.


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