About Us

Donna Moenning

Senior Account Director

Donna is known for her insight on consumer confidence in food and agriculture, and her strategic and creative initiatives in communicating values to build trust.  From project management to video production, Donna has the ability to bring refreshing new ideas to the table that cut through the clutter to achieve the desired communication goals.

She joined our team in 2013 with three decades of leadership experience in public relations and issues/crisis management including seven years with the former National Live Stock and Meat Board, and nine years with the Midwest Dairy Association. Donna’s journey also includes a number of years behind the microphone as a broadcast journalist. She believes all effective communication begins with understanding your audience, which is why she value’s Look East’s consumer trust research.

Donna lives on a crop and livestock farm with her husband and three children in southeast Minnesota.  Her life experiences include (but are far from limited to) competing in a combine demolition derby, working with Julia Child and Baseball Hall of Famer, Nolan Ryan, and speaking to food system stakeholders in more than 35 states and Canada.