Look East wins Best of NAMA award

On January 9, 2020, Look East attended Region 2’s award presentation of The National Agri-Marketing Association to celebrate the “Best of NAMA.” 

Look East received first place for a website directed to consumers. The Refreshingly Real campaign and website was developed for The Can Manufacturers InstituteThis is the third award the Refreshingly Real campaign has earned. 

For the full list of NAMA winners, click here.



Best of NAMA - first place award- Website directed to consumers


Look East team_Morgan Young, Jennie Nguyen, Jonathan McDonald


Refreshingly Real 

The Refreshingly Real campaign, sponsored by The Can Manufacturers Institute, was established to encourage incorporating canned foods and beverages by a normally food-critical, health-focused audience.  

The Best of NAMA award for a consumer website recognized the fresh approach by Refreshingly Real to speak directly to the target audience, segmented as “Wellness Mommas.” The website uses its social channels to share beneficial content, recipes and experiences that showcase the advantages of canned food and beverages.  

Read more about the Refreshingly Real accomplishments here. 

 peas dough 
 carrots  soup


The campaign was developed with partnership from Native Digital