What is SEO and how does it work?

A majority of people turn to search engines to answer their questions. When using search engines, most individuals are sticking to the first  page of search results – and they tend to trust the top ten results because they feel they have been identified as valuable, relevant sources. But what does this have to do with SEO and how does it work?

So, are you looking to optimize your SEO and appear on the first page of search engines but don’t know how? You may want to look into implementing Search Engine Optimization. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of utilizing keywords on a website to improve organic, or non-paid, search engine rankings based on search volumeSo, SEO helps a website appear higher on the search results page, which means users are more likely to click through to that site, ultimately increasing the website’s organic traffic.  

For example, when someone searches for the phrase ‘What are GMOs?’ a company that utilizes internal/external links, page traffic and the ability to easily interact with the website, will appear higher up on the search results page. 

In case you were wondering about the impact that SEO can make, a majority of new users come to websites through search engines. While there are various search engines, it’s important to note that Google holds more than 90% of the market share for the United States. This means that your website should be implementing and taking advantage of SEO best practices to appear on the first couple pages of Google. 

Through our research, we found that consumers are 3-5x more likely to engage with content when they share the organization’s values. It’s also important to note that by using vales, you are able to better connect with your audience, thus increasing the likelihood of connecting with consumers. But, to grab your audience’s attention, it’s important to share thought leadership. 

When an organization shares their thought leadership, it allows their potential audiences to better connect with the content that they are sharing. It gives an organization authority on an issue and allows them to show that they are knowledgeable in a particular field. Connecting shared values with thought leadership is a proven way to gain trust and become a trusted source within your industry. 

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