Getting the right digital insights

Humans create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. With that amount of information and considering the number of emails landing in your inbox every day, it’s difficult to get the quality information on the topics you want.  

But what if you could have a customized newsfeed of hand selected content, combined with digital insights on what emerging trends in your industry meant for you?

Monitoring digital insights is the critical first step in creating actionable intelligence that your organization can use to develop proactive messaging to open a dialogue with stakeholders. 

Because we understand how influential the digital conversation is for the food system, Look East utilizes digital monitoring infrastructure that enables us to be a listening ear for our clients on the issues that matter to them. 

Analyzing traditional news media, social media and online trends enables us to develop actionable insights for next steps. 

How can your organization apply digital intelligence to improve business results?  

  • Identify opportunities to engage with stakeholders
  • Anticipate emerging issues in your industry
  • Keep tabs on a competitor
  • Proactively engage in addressing concerns
  • Become familiar with key influencers who are amplifying the issues
  • Select the channels that are most effective for your engagement strategy

Digital monitoring is tailored to the needs of each organization and varies by scope. It can focus on broad topics – such as food labeling or transparency or cage-free eggs – and be as specific as a brand name. 

Types of digital monitoring:

  • News Media Monitoring: Track what traditional print, broadcast and online media outlets are reporting about your company, a competitor or an issue.  
  • Social Media Monitoring: There’s a lot of chatter on social media that is difficult to sift throughEach of us can become trapped in an echo chamber where we only hear from voices that agree with our point of view. Social media monitoring expands beyond those channels to find out what people are really saying – the good, the bad and the ugly. 
  • Trending Themes: Identify emerging trends by evaluating conversational patterns, social reach, geographic distribution and other metrics. 

Digital monitoring is empowering. We have been tracking trends long enough to discern what media hits indicate – when is it best to engage and when is it best to just keep quiet and listen. 

Digital monitoring discerns the signals so that you can focus your resources to effectively engage. 

With Look East’s media monitoring and reporting analysis, you can develop smart messaging to protect your brand and create digital engagement campaigns to advance your brand as a trusted, credible source of information.