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Susan Wallace

Content Manager

Susan is a writer of articles, news releases, blog posts, Best Food Facts and just about anything else with words on it. To her, writing is like working a puzzle, where she takes facts, figures and pieces of information and fits them together to create a picture.

She brings extensive journalism and writing experience to Look East, having served as a reporter and editor at daily newspapers for more than a dozen years. As an agriculture preparedness specialist, she developed a 15-county agriculture emergency response plan. She has also served as communications director for an agriculture non-profit and was a member of the local University Extension Council.

Susan grew up in a big family on a small farm in rural Missouri. Lessons learned on hot summer days in the hay field—teamwork, doing a job right the first time and sticking with a chore until it’s done—have proven valuable. Even though she lives in town, she grows a garden and visits the farm whenever she gets a chance.