Insights Empower AgriTech Startup

CLIENT: Pivot Bio

The Challenge

Pivot Bio is a nitrogen company that has developed the first in-field microbial product for ongoing nitrogen delivery. Their technology offers farmers an alternative to traditional nitrogen fertilizer. Learn more about it here

As an agritech startup with a unique product offering, Pivot Bio must move faster than the speed of business. The company needed to stay current on rapid-fire changes in agritech and understand the online discussions about the fertilizer industry and on-farm developments. 

The Results
Pivot Bio media insights from October 2019.

Our Approach

As Pivot Bio launched a significant media campaign to generate visibility and promote their technology, Look East began monitoring coverage to measure traction. On a weekly basis, our team monitors digital and traditional media coverage across categories important to leaders and investors, including, but not limited to, company news, industry advancements, a cross-section of agricultural subjects, and other critical development topics.   

The Look East team curates the relevant content, selects a representative sampling of the coverage, and summarizes key points. The report also includes features about Pivot Bio, trending social posts, heat map showcasing prevailing coverage and word clusters to track message penetration.   

What makes this digest of coverage stand out for its readers is the insight provided by the Look East team. In each report, we offer a set of customized insights that are built based on our understanding of the agtech landscape, our expertise in agriculture and the integrated food system, and our focus on trust-building across stakeholder segments. These custom insights help readers by:  

  • Outlining agricultural trends and historically relevant situations that provide opportunity or caution  
  • Providing content suggestions to connect with stakeholders through shared values  
  • Analyzing the opportunity for coverage to positively or negatively impact Pivot Bio’s business  

The Results

Pivot Bio’s Media Insights Digest is delivered directly to the company’s entire team, as well as the board of directors and advisors. The report has an open rate of more than 60 percent – more than triple the industry average open rate – and a click-through rate that averages 10 percent.  

Pivot Bio’s media insights email is a leading indicator of the company’s success for BOD members, investors and advisors. It keeps Pivot Bio’s PR front and center, cutting through the clutter of fast-paced and saturated agtech coverage and is shared through their networks to encourage informed dialogue.