Revamping Web Presence

CLIENT: Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding

The Challenge

In the dynamic dairy landscape, the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) recognized the pivotal role of its website to deliver its sought-after services – dairy genetic evaluations – and elevate its position as a world leader in genetic research and resources. However, the existing website had lackluster visual appeal, cumbersome navigation, limited features, and complicated content management.

The challenge was clear. CDCB aimed to transform its website into a more modern and powerful communication and resource hub. CDCB wanted an improved user experience, contemporary design, and expanded, more current content. CDCB sought more convenient access to their array of resources – articles, events, presentations, published papers, and more – for all those that rely on CDCB dairy genetic evaluations, ranging from dairy farmers to dairy data experts and from trade media to researchers.

The Results

Our Approach

As CDCB’s trusted communications partner since 2017, the Look East team was up for the challenge. With profound dairy knowledge and expertise in digital content, Look East and website developer Propaganda 3 were the perfect partners for the revamp. Our approach was a well-structured two-phase process that led to a successful outcome.

Phase One – Discovery and Collaboration

Look East and Propaganda 3 collaborated closely with CDCB to analyze the existing website and user needs. The primary focus was to identify pain points, capture feedback on desired changes, and outline priorities. With understanding of the diverse audience segments, Look East guided the strategic planning, resulting in a new site map and wireframes that elevated key functionality and expanded content and resources. The team skillfully structured more than 70 pages within the site, so that levels of technical information were easily accessible and logically organized.

Phase Two –Design, Development and Deployment

Parallel to the new site design and development was writing new content and re-writing existing content, ensuring that it met the unique needs and interests of the diverse audience segments. Content was crafted to engage and inform all stakeholders, whether dairy farmers looking for the latest evaluations or researchers seeking technical and research information.

To enhance understanding and visual appeal, Look East and Propaganda 3 designed a myriad of graphics to clarify the complexities around genomic evaluations, data flow, evaluation types and other technical details. News and resources were significantly elevated with increased exposure to CDCB’s monthly newsletter, videos, and articles, while enhancing the event section to effectively promote and manage upcoming events and increase access to resources from past events.

The Results

CDCB relied on the Look East team to deliver a new digital platform with straightforward and insightful architecture that featured visually stunning design and projected a highly professional image.

Look East delivered just that. View the revamped site.

“The new website exceeded our expectations,” reports CDCB’s Chief Executive Officer, João Dürr. “CDCB’s website preceded our PR partnership and was lagging behind. The revamp with Look East took us to a new level – in enhanced visual identity, comprehensive content, integration with other online tools, and new avenues to interact with the dairy community. The successful revamp of our website resulted from a long-standing relationship. Look East has served as a valuable resource to CDCB, helping us position our communication strategy and expand our audience.”

Look East’s tailored, experienced approach successfully addressed the organization’s challenge, propelling them to effectively communicate their leadership in dairy cattle genetics and satisfy the unique needs of diverse audiences.